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Come Prima is an established and exciting wind band for all wind, brass and percussion players!


Come Prima meets every Thursday evening during term time, between 7pm and 9pm.

In the Rooper Hall, BSVI, 5, Victoria Park Road, Winton.


Run by Helen Peiro, it aims to offer an evening of fun and music, with a large repertoire and a full complement of instruments.

Whether you’re in the earliest stages of learning your instrument, or have been playing for some time, you will be most welcome to come along and join us.


We don’t decide if you’re good enough, if you come along and enjoy yourself, which we are confident you will, then you’ll want to come back.

Solo practice in the early stages for musicians can feel so unrewarding, being part of an ensemble and performing in concerts gives the personal practice a direction.

We shall have pieces specifically in mind for the beginner, with a chance for the more able player to brush up on the foundations of music making. The constantly expanding repertoire will also contain pieces to stretch players of a higher ability, and to train the ear to really listen to enhance playing in an ensemble situation.

There will also be opportunity for G.C.S.E. students and anyone else who would like to, to have a go at conducting and score reading. With the more able players as section leaders, band etiquette can be learned, helping the more novice players to master new skills.


Above all we will be having fun!!


Fees are £5 per week payable termly, and we think that this is very good value for money


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